Monday, November 12, 2012

The Little Things

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I truly believe that the little things are really the BIG things in life, and as the week begins, it never hurts to look back and have gratitude, and recognize some of the little moments that make life so BLISSFUL!

A Few of the Little Things Last Week that Made Me Smile:

1.  Brisk but sunny Fall days, perfect for weekend walks by the beach.

2.  A long phone conversation with my sister in Seattle who is working her butt off in nursing school. Our phone calls are few at times with busy schedules, but always inspiring!

3.  A splurge at the market for my favorite oil which guided me to a new sauce recipe which I can't wait to share soon!

4.  Time with my absolutely adorable goddaughter. Her cuddles and smile melt my heart every time.

Find the little things that make your world SMILE this week!

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