Monday, November 26, 2012

The Little Things: Giving Thanks

Here are a few of the little things that made the holiday weekend one to be grateful for:

1.  Super-packed, pre-Thanksgiving donation class to raise money for prevention of human trafficking in India.

Photo Via

2.  Cooking an Italian Thanksgiving with my mom and sister. My mom's health has prevented us from cooking and having a holiday that included too much work and stress the past few years, so it meant the world to be in the kitchen cooking together again.

3.  Crawling back in bed the morning after Thanksgiving, instead of battling the crowds for Black Friday shopping, which I have promised myself I will never do!

4.  Celebrating a second Thanksgiving, and also a second birthday with my guy's family.

5.  A much needed reunion dinner with high school friends. Unfortunately, we were having way too much fun drinking wine and catching up, we didn't take a picture together, so I have this little gem from our glory days...thank goodness we all look better with age! :)

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