Friday, November 2, 2012

A Few Things I Learned From My Dog

Meet LILY...Cute huh?!

This little dog has taught me so much about life and love, something which, unfortunately, is hard to find in people at times, as love can often be conditional, with some judgement...jealousy...and selfishness mixed in! I know I probably sound like the crazy dog lady, but she really has brought so much joy and LIFE into my everyday. I was never a HUGE dog person before, but this little gal has sure got my heart strings!

Here are a few life lessons I've learned from Lily...

1.  Sometimes you just need to roll around in the grass and have a little fun!! At times, life can be so serious and overly scheduled and planned, that it feels good to let loose and enjoy, even in the craziness of things!

2.  'Unconditional' love is given and shown even when things aren't going so perfect, or when it's not returned...real love is never 'conditional'

3.  Greet the ones we love with great excitement and enthusiasm, as if you haven't seen them in years...our time with them is precious!

4.  Take time each day to stop and 'watch the birds'... s l o w d o w n, and enjoy the small moments!

5.  You don't have to eat everything in your bowl to live, and don't let food control you. Don't be hard on yourself for enjoying some treats every so often as well!

I know this list may sound a little silly, but sometimes we take ourselves so seriously, it's fun to find light in the little things.

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