Thursday, October 25, 2012

Finish What You Start

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...But finishing what you begin can bring you even more glory than you ever imagined!

I am not a huge fan of starting projects or goals that I can't finish. As a perfectionist at times, I tend to feel let down if I can't achieve what I set out to do. I think this thought or fear holds me back at times from even beginning the process, as I don't want to bear the disappointment or failure.

 This past weekend, my guy and I finished a little home project we had started a few months back. It wasn't a difficult project, but each weekend there were other commitments that were taking up our time, that it seemed it would never be complete. I felt so much glory and pride that we had finally achieved the vision I had in my head months ago. I know...I know...this was not a life-changing, groundbreaking feat by any means, but it got me thinking...what does it take to start AND finish a project or goal you may have?

It's super simple, and to sum it up, you need:

1.  A Vision

2.  A Plan

3.  A Support System

4.  Challenges and Changes in your Course Along the Way

5.  A Push to the Finish

One thing I do know about setting and reaching goals, is that some of the most difficult to begin, have always brought me the most growth and satisfaction. Besides my little home projects, my real goals that I would like to begin achieving within the next year would be a yoga teaching certification, and a stab at a Masters' program to further my career in worksite wellness.

Where our little project began...

And where it ended...

**Just as a little side note, the Etsy site where I got the first photo has letterpress prints with some great inspirational quotes, and are super cute! Check them out here, it doesn't hurt to have little reminders around the house sometimes.

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