Friday, October 19, 2012

Veggie Eats: Jalapeno Cashew "Cheese"

Let's EAT!

What started as a personal challenge to eat vegan for 2 weeks recently, has turned into something I've tried to integrate in my diet most days of the week now. I definitely never thought I would go this route, as I am a major cheese-aholic, but I actually feel so much cleaner and energetic since making the change...slow change that is!

So to semi-satisfy my cheese craving, I tried out a Jalapeno Cashew "Cheese," and was quite surprised with how much I didn't miss the real thing. Try it out for yourself if you dare, and add in your own twist for different dishes!


Raw Cashews, 1 Cup
Juice of One Lemon
Garlic Cloves, 3
Black Pepper to Taste
Cayenne Pepper to Taste

Throw all ingredients into a food processor. Add small amounts of water until you reach a creamy consistency. And that's it...add to your favorite Mexican dish!

I topped mine onto mushroom and lentil tacos, and it was creamy deliciousness!

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