Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Balance and My Mat

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This past week has been so jam-packed with work and social priorities, I have had little time to focus on ME. I made it a priority to make it to my hot yoga studio this afternoon, despite feeling extremely s l u g g i s h. I should know that exercise is the one thing that can cure my fatigue and racing mind, but it still was not easy to make my way to the mat.

Once I walked into the studio, the s l u g g i s h immediately turned to p e a c e, and my mind was clear and ready to take on the challenge that awaited me on my mat. The mat is my safe place, and I finally felt the energy I had been lacking all week. This was a good reminder for me of how easily stress can take over us, and how the power of a good sweat can calm all the racing thoughts and to-do lists in our mind. 

So take a minute for YOU today, and find your own batch of balance and peace.

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