Friday, December 7, 2012

Veggie Eats: Rosemary Hummus

With the holidays in full swing, the party invites are overflowing, and you probably need a healthy contribution to the holiday party menu...

 My Go-to...

This creamy fiber-filled dip is an easy option that can be made ahead of time, and uses ingredients that you probably already have on hand...and you'll guarantee that you have something healthy to nosh on besides that tempting spinach and artichoke dip!


Garbanzo beans, 3 cups
Olive oil, 1 cup
Garlic cloves, 3-4
Tahini, 2 Tbsp
Lemons, Juice of 3
Rosemary, 2-3 sprigs, minced
Cayenne pepper

If you are using dried garbanzo beans, you will want to cook them ahead of time, like I showed you here!

Add 2 cups of garbanzo beans to a food processor, as well as olive oil, garlic cloves, tahini, juice of lemons, and rosemary. Pulse to blend all ingredients together. Add 1 more cup of garbanzo beans, and process until you reach a creamy consistency. You may need to add additional olive oil if the beans are being stubborn and not easily reaching a creamy consistency. Add cayenne pepper to taste, and serve with crackers or vegetables!

The rosemary is optional, and can be omitted or substituted. I like to try different flavorings, bean, edamame, or spicy jalapeno!

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