Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Little Things

This summer has definitely been the summer of little things adding up to the big things. I love reflecting on the moments...sometimes unexpected, that have shaped this summer to be one of the best. Here are a few things happening in my world that fill me up.

A visit from one of my best girlfriends that lives in Austin. It felt so amazing to come together, BBQ, reconnect, and make up for lost time.

A last-minute solo mission to the Long Beach Flea Market to pick up a few goodies...bright embroidered fabric, a Oaxacan loom with amazingly colorful birds, air plants, an antler shed, and a piece of driftwood which later became a new front door hanging.

A weekend filled with DIYs. I was craving some creative time, and this weekend included indigo-dying, painting new pots for house plants, and this air plant hanging that I made from flea market goodies.

A happy pup on an improptu hike along Palos Verdes. The dogs even got to hike down the cliffs to run next to the waves. This guy looks pretty happy!

Nothing beats a warm summer sunset, and this summer has not disappointed...Add wine, healthy food, friends, and great conversation.

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