Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Dream...Actually Make IT Happen!

This year has brought a lot of change...extremely POSITIVE change. I feel extremely grateful that so much positivity has come my way, but one thing that continues to make itself present is the idea that I can make my dreams and goals a reality through my thought and intention. It all started with a leadership training that included a small snippet on life planning. As a yoga teacher and practitioner I am aware of how much your thoughts can affect your everyday interactions.. And as an advocate and constant striver {is that even a word?} for growth, I surprisingly have never formally written down my goals.  

So...the day after my leadership training, the message continued in my favorite Saturday morning yoga indulgence through a passage read by the teacher. And sister and I happened to book a yoga retreat with wine, yoga, hiking, and duh goal planning. Since all signs are pointing to putting thought to the things that I dream to achieve within this amazing life, I wanted to share what I'm doing. Maybe it's a message that speaks to you as well:

1. Create a MISSION STATEMENT for yourself... 
Your mission statement should be how you want to be remembered when you're no longer here. It sounds kind of morbid, but if you know what you stand for, this mission statement will guide you each day.

2. Set the TIMEFRAME that you want to achieve your goals...
3 years, 10 years, 20 years. Mine are set for 3 years, and after 3 years I will reassess what my next goals will be.

3. WRITE down your goals...
Whether they're personal, professional, monetary, anything! Don't doubt yourself for wanting the things that you want, it is possible!

4. REFERENCE them often, daily if possible... 
The more you visualize each step needed to reach that dream, the more you will find yourself taking steps to manifest them into your reality. 

5. Find OPPORTUNITY in the challenges...
And speed bumps along the way. Stay positive when you get off track, and surround yourself with people that drive you to continue moving forward.

{In case you're interested in the passage that was read in class, see below, I have been referring to it often}

Infinite Spirit is within me and flows through me now and in every moment. This loving power is everywhere present and is mine by right of consciousness. What I give my attention to is created in my world. As I expand my thought, believing, I know the loving Presence of Spirit within does the work.

As I turn my attention to the spirit of my being, I realize I am allowing myself more as I resolve to evolve. I decide to be more because this is Spirits gift to me. I accept this gift knowing it is the Universes intention to give me all that I am willing to accept. As I open myself to the blessings surrounding me, Infinite Spirit supplies me with all I envision. It truly is done to me as I believe.

Life is good and I celebrate every day with joy and gratitude, knowing I am given the gifts of increasing goodness. I now use these extraordinary gifts to create a life of clarity, joy, love, and wisdom through the clarity of my thoughts.  I let this be. And so it is.

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