Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Little Things

It's been a while since I've focused on The Little Things, so here are a few moments from the last few weeks that make me grateful, humbled, and excited for the little things to come!

Our latest lil' home project that is now proudly hung in our dining area. I am truly unbelievably lucky to have a guy by my side that is so handy, and loves to help me bring to life my crazy project ideas!

A birthday celebration for my handsome Dad! I have been brought up by two of the most generous, loyal, and fair parents, and love having any reason to get together and share good wine, food, and always great conversation.

Custom made 'sister' necklaces! These were a very late arriving Christmas gift to my sisters from me, but they were sure worth the wait. Even in our 20's...well almost 30's for me...we can still wear our version of 'friendship' jewelry.

Daily green juices to keep my energy levels high and my insides smiling! As you can tell from the numerous juice and smoothie posts lately, I am definitely trying to sneak in as many greens as possible, and it feels oh so good!

Amazingly gorgeous winter sunsets, I just can't get enough. One of my favorite things to do with my guy on the weekends is explore the cliffs near our home with our pup. Nothing makes you feel more grounded than a beautiful view and sunset!

**If you follow my personal Instagram, you may have seen some of these already :)

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